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The company STEREOSCOPIC SCANNING offers the LENTICULAR STARTER KIT, a do-it-yourself set for making 3D lenticular images. The LENTICULAR STARTER KIT allows you to get started with the very interesting effect of 3D lenticular images. Using the pictures on the included CD-ROM, which were made employing a new patented method with a flatbed scanner and a special stereo/3D scanner respectively, you can make your own 3D lenticular images. For this, you must process the pictures on the CD-ROM and print them on a conventional PC printer. After putting and adjusting one of the included lenticular sheets on the printout you will get a very nice 3D impression. You can compare your results with lithographically produced 3D artistic cards of the same objects also included in the LENTICULAR STARTER KIT. With some practice you can make your own 3D lenticular images of any small object using a conventional flatbed scanner. You can use the LSK ( Lenticular Stereoscopic Kit ) equally well with any other 3D multiview data you produce with displaceable cameras, 3D-software and so on. The first edition of the LENTICULAR STARTER KIT was originally intended for computer and multimedia experts.The dedicated interlacing software coming with the LSK plus now makes it much faster to create ones own 3D-pictures. Additional lenticular sheets and 3D artistic cards are also available. As background information the LSK contains a detailed manual as well as some conference papers.


1. Pro software;
This CD is very valuable for you, and your business.
With this software you can capture the movie, and make Motion3D  and  Flip.

One of the special benefits of that is convert 2D to 3D lenticular images.

and for converting 2D to 3D lenticular images.

You have need a normal printer and some of lenticular sheets of adhesive with 20- 40- 60- 70- 75- 80- 90- 100- 140- 250 LPI or Customize program software.
The price of this CD is $1.200.00 and the guaranty for that is 30 days.

2. Home software;
For beginning, you can use home software and lenticular sheet direct prints or adhesive lenticular sheets and etc.
The price of Home software is $350.00 So, the guaranty for that is 30 days.


This software is professional and, we don't have make DEMO version from this software by reason of specialities (2D to 3D lenticular convert) of that.



1) 2 x 3D artistic cards with different scanned objects with a pitch of 60 lpi

2) CD-ROM with multiview scans of different objects taken with the stereo/3D scanner RSS I

3) Lenticular sheet 25 cm x 20 cm 60 lpi

System requirements:

For the 3D artistic postcards and for the 3D example in the manual you do not need a PC at all. Otherwise the following equipment is recommended:

System Info
Lenticular software will run on any computer compatible with the operating systems shown as long as it meets the minimum system needs listed below.
Mac OS 9.1-----------------------------------------------------
Minimum 2 Gb free Hard Drive space
200 MB RAM To Lenticular Software program ( LSK )
Minimum of 256 MB Ram System wide
Hardware we use: G4 500mhz with 512 MB Ram, 18GB Hard Drive
Windows 98----------------------------------------------------
Minimum 2 Gb free Hard Drive space
200Mb RAM To Lenticular Software Program ( LSK )
Minimum of 512 MB Ram System wide
Hardware we use: Pentium 3 700mhz with 512 MB Ram, 12GB Hard Drive
Windows 2000 & XP------------------------------------------
Minimum 2 Gb free Hard Drive space
200Mb RAM To Lenticular Software Program ( LSK )
Minimum of 512 MB Ram System wide
Hardware we use: Pentium 4 1Ghz with 1GB Ram, 40GB Hard Drive
(Faster Hard Drives are always better for disk intensive tasks)



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